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Patrick Tompson

Agent at Macon Realty Company

Patrick Tompson, a seasoned Realtor with a wealth of experience & a genuine love for the outdoors. A background in agronomist & an Agriculture Business Major from the University of Missouri, Patrick brings a unique perspective to the world of real estate. Patrick has the skills needed to serve his client base as both an expert land specialist, & as a residential home agent. Proudly hailing from Moberly, MO, Patrick values the close-knit bonds of friends, family, & community. Patrick can be described as a true outdoorsman, as his interests range from hunting & fishing to wildlife conservation & habitat restoration. His well-rounded lifestyle also includes a love for agriculture, golf, sports, and nature photography.  Whether you’re navigating the real estate market for your dream home or seeking expert advice on a land transaction, Patrick offers a reliable & steady hand. His experience & passion for the outdoors make him a trusted partner, ensuring your real estate journey is smooth & enjoyable!

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